Five miles south of Blairgowrie, just north of the meeting of the River Tay and River Isla, the village of Meikleour has an unusual claim to fame in that is the site of the highest beech hedge in the world. Planted in 1745, the hedge is 530 metres (one third of a mile) long and 30 metres (100ft) high. The story goes that the men who planted it died fighting for the Jacobites at Culloden. To pay tribute to their memory it was left to grow to the heavens. The mighty hedge, cut once every 10 years, is also the longest of its kind in Britain. It winds around Meikleour House, built in 1870 and now owned by the Marquess of Landsdowne.

The village has an attractive hotel and restaurant, the Meikleour Arms, an excellent centre for the fishing that may be enjoyed in the area on the River Tay and elsewhere.

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